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The Princess and I at Yates Cider Mill. 💕

The Princess and I at Yates Cider Mill. 💕

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#Punx and pups 



Happening Now (10.8.14): Oh dear God, not again. Another life lost in St Louis. So little information right now, but it seems that an unarmed 18-year old boy was tased then shot 16 times by an officer, possibly off-duty. Not clear what provoked the event, but I’ll keep you updated as info is released. #staywoke #blacklivesmatter

Be weary of the police reports so far. ALL witness statements seem to contradict it, but the police refuse to interview any of them. They seem to be concocting a story right now to cover for the officer. It’s looking real grim right now.

Follow the Argus Livestream as events unfold tonight.

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set him down 


set him down 

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RIP Vonderrick Myer


The St. Louis police have murdered yet another black kid. Eighteen years old. Shaun King is keeping updates coming. There’s video of the police laughing at the scene of the crime. I hope every one of those cops dies a painful and slow death. Keep the victim’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

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